Personal training

Osebni trening Safety, consistence, choice of right exercises and right load are just a few of the many parameters that an effective training must satisfy. There are so many variables that everybody can get lost on his way from beginning to the desired goal, starting to take short cuts, which inevitably lead to dissatisfaction. The candidate can avoid it taking a PERSONAL TRAINER. Such a form of exercising can prevent the dissatisfaction risk in most cases. The coach sets attainable targets, he makes measurements, and he decides the right exercises with right frequency, hardness and other exercise properties. The program is being continuously monitored in all elements, the coach can modify it when needed. The personal coach will take care of motivation, healthy nutrition advising and psychological support.


  • Free entrance to fitness
  • Exercising outside fitness opening time to avoid crush
  • Individual exercising program to client's wishes, properties and bio-rhythm
  • Continuous monitoring and programming to obtain the targets
  • Healthy nutrition advising
  • Monthly monitoring and body structure measuring
  • Support from the coach in form of discussion, advising and motivation
  • Insertion of various exercising forms, considering the client's wishes, needs and capacity (fitness, running, functional exercising, and swimming...)
Osebno treniranje